Iris Garden

Welcome To Mooringsport, Louisiana

  You are in the South now. So, give your tired mouse a rest, and visit with us.

In Louisiana, the pace of life is just a little slower, the people are a little friendlier, and life is just a little bit better.

      Plantation Gourmet Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roasting company dedicated to producing the finest coffee in the South. What makes our coffee special is our unwavering commitment to quality. We source our beans from the world’s great plantations and estates. We have a full range of organic coffees and fair trade.             

       Our coffees are all roasted to order in small batches to assure quality and freshness. We are a bit old fashioned in the way we take pride and care in what we produce. For us, all of our coffees and blends have to be truly great. Our blends are our own, and cannot be found elsewhere. What makes our coffee special is our understanding of the unique characteristics of each of the different coffees we roast. It is our commitment to roast them to perfection ad unlock their magical taste.

      Our roasting facility and home are located on 20 acres of the historic Caddo Lake. Many believe this lake is the most beautiful in the United States. We would agree with them. In the past, this site served as a summer camp for children.  We kept the camp cottage buildings and their camp names. The “Bee Hive” is now a guest cottage. The “Snake” houses our roasters. The “Gator” is a plant tissue culture lab for cloning Louisiana Irises. We have a plant nursery, Plantation Point Nursery which specializes in growing Louisiana Irises. There are gardens to grow vegetables and fruits. . We have ponds with catfish, crawfish, shrimp, and Kio. The catfish are pets. The crawfish are delicious.  There is a molding making studio which produces molds for decorative concrete used on the plantation.  A small mill makes cane syrup from sugar cane. The constant theme throughout all the activities and especially the coffee roasting is the quest for excellence. 

     “Time is needed and time is taken for the beans to listen to the sun’s secrets, the earth’s tales, the rain’s music. There was time to listen, to grow in wisdom. What the beans learn from Sun, soil, and rain is their treasure, and this treasure is revealed when we roast.” Shapira Coffee Roaster and Author


Life is just to short to drink ordinary coffee.