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The blending of different coffees is a test of the coffee merchants skill, imagination and creativity We prepare our blends from the finest coffees available anywhere. Each individual coffee is roasted first to develop its full unique character and then they are combined to create a new, and more complex taste. We could tell you that our blends are really special but would rather have you try them yourself and see how special they are.

Most of our blends are now available in decaffeinated versions .

Plantation Blend *
A blend of coffees from South America and Indonesia.

African Gold
A very special blends of coffee from Africa. Great acidity and body with a snappy lively flavor.

Sunrise Majesty *
One of our favorites which combines South American and African coffees. We think its really special.

Rebel Blend *
This is an aggressive blend - WARNING!... This is not a wimpy coffee. This coffee is for the kind of people who have wars to win, and worlds to conquer. This may be our favorite blend.

Mocha Java *
Believed to be the oldest and first coffee blend. Let a cup of this exotic blend take you back in time.

French Roast *
A blend of three different dark roast coffees .

Espresso Northern Style
Four coffees produce full espresso flavor without bitterness. Smooth, rich, and aromatic. The crema explodes in the cup.

Espresso Southern Style   A great espresso blend for those who like a little bite to there drink. Crema that will amaze you.

New Orleans Blend
A fine blend of coffee with chicory, captures the flavor of the "Big Easy" in every cup.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend

Bourbon Street Blend

Voodoo On The Bayou

Continental Blend

Bayou Blend 




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